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Prison in the United States: Not As Bad as You Think!

Take a look at some of the luxuries offered at the various correctional institutions through out the United States. It is Not as Bad As You Think.

visiting someone in north carolina jail , soon to be bailed out of jail by Big Mike Bail Bonds

Visiting Someone in the Wake County Jail

If you are going to visit a friend or loved one, it is important to note the visitation policies for the specific detention center you are going to.

Get out of the wake county jail fast with Big Mike Bail Bonds

How to Get Someone Out Of Jail

When person is in jail, they want to out. The fastest way to get out of jail is to post bail. Here is all of the info you need to get out of jail fast.

Can I post my own bail bond in raleigh nc?

Can I Post a Bail Bonds for Myself?

If you find yourself behind bars you most likely want to handle this situation quickly & privately as possible. Here are tips to bail yourself out of jail.

What to do when a loved one gets arrested in raleigh on Christmas - Big Mike Bail Bonds

What To Do If Your Loved One Gets Arrested on Christmas

The holidays are supposed to be a time to take a break from your

Tips for Those Behind Bars big mike bail bonds

3 Practical Tips for Those Behind Bars

The idea of getting arrested, getting put behind bars, and hiring an expert bail

bail bond amount in north carolina

Bail Bonds Basics

Don’t trust Law & Order or NCIS as a source for all of your

Bail Bond Jail Release big mike bail bonds

A Few Things to Know Before Cosigning for Bail Bonds

When a friend comes to you begging for you to help bail her boyfriend

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Bail Bonds Glossary of Terms

At Big Mike Bail Bonds, we understand that our clients aren’t likely to be

How does a judge determine the amount of a bail bond in raleigh north carolina

How Does A Judge Determine Bail Amount?

Learn the factors that a judge will consider when determining how much they should set for the bail amount for a defendant.