What are the responsibilities of bailing someone out of jail?

Do you have a loved one who is in jail?  Do you need to


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Beth Chapman: National Bail Bonds President

Beth Chapman, the wife of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” (Duane Chapman), won her National Bail

Bail Bonds: What You Need To Know

FAQs About Bail Bonds Don’t feel like you are the only one that doesn’t know

Bail Bonds DWI DUI

Bail Bond for a North Carolina DUI / DWI

Bail Bond for a North Carolina DUI / DWI At Big Mike’s Bail Bonds,

Bail Bonds NC Turn Yourself In Jail

Turning Yourself In: What You Need to Know

Did you recently find out that there is a warrant out for your arrest?

jail bail bond parking sign for bail bond agents

Should You Bail Someone Out Of Jail?

Imagine this scenario: Your friend calls you at 2:30 a.m. from the Raleigh Police

How is bail amounts determined in NC

Why Does Your Bail Cost So Much?

Being arrested and charged with a crime may be one of the worst experiences

Get out of jail fast with Big Mike Bail Bonds

Life in North Carolina’s Prison

According to an article in Indyweek, “Solitary confinement is hell.” This statement was made from

Bail Bonds NC

US Prisons: Not As Bad as You Think!

Hearing the word “prison,” many people will automatically envision a 2×5 cell, a lack