Have you or a loved one recently been arrested for drug possession? Not sure what your first steps are now? Here is a simple to-do list that you should follow after your first offense for drug possession.


In 2017, over 1.6 million people were arrested for drug charges in the United States. Regardless of that astounding fact, you may be nervous if this is your first incarceration for drug possession. Take a deep breath and follow our list of steps to help your situation.


  1. Post Bond – First things first is to get yourself or your loved one out of jail. This means posting the bail that was assigned by the judge. If it is your first offense, there is a good chance that the judge will allow you to get out on bail until your trial date. Call Big Mike’s Bail Bonds if you are in need of financial assistance for posting bond.
  2. Hire An Attorney – This being your first drug offense, you will need to hire an attorney to have the best chance in court. You might be tempted to plead guilty, especially if you committed the crime, but hiring an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the system will be a huge benefit. Attorneys know what’s possible and what’s not when you’re charged with drug possession and they can often negotiate a deal with the prosecutor to get you into a first-time offender program. 
  3. Request a Diversion Program – If you decide not to hire an attorney, you can always request to be placed in a diversion program. This is an especially good option for you if this is your first possession charge. Your local district attorney’s office will typically make this decision.

These programs often require community service, substance abuse classes, fees, and staying out of trouble for a specific period of time, usually six months to a year. Generally, if you complete this program successfully, the charges are dismissed and you won’t have a criminal record. 

  1. Look Into Expungement – If you weren’t able to get into a first-time offender program or a diversion program, then your next step should be to look into expunging this charge from your record. In some cases, you are able to expunge this charge from your record which means that your record won’t show the drug possession and will look like it did before.
  2. Keep Yourself Out Of Trouble – Most importantly, you need to keep yourself out of trouble and get clean. This list may help those who have a first offense of drug possession, but there is very little support for those facing a second charge. Being a repeat offender can result in a higher bond, stiffer charges, and tougher punishment. 

If you or a loved one have recently been arrested for drug possession, contact us for bail bond support.

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May 1, 2020