When you’re arrested, one of the first things that happens is a hearing to determine whether you’ll be released on bond. There are two types of bonds: secured and unsecured. So what’s the difference? Read on and you’ll find out.

Secured Bail

Bail is set by a judge and is intended to ensure that a defendant appears for his or her court proceedings. If the defendant fails to appear, the bail may be forfeited and the defendant may be subject to arrest. 

A secured bail bond means that the defendant pays money or collateral to secure his or her release. Collateral could include items like deeds to vehicles or houses, jewelry, equipment, or cash. 

If the defendant appears for all required court proceedings, the bail money or collateral is returned. If the defendant does not appear, the bail money or collateral may be forfeited and used to pay fines or other penalties.

Unsecured Bail

An unsecured bail bond means that the defendant does not have to pay anything upfront but may be required to pay if he or she fails to appear for court proceedings.

The type of bail that is set by the judge will depend on the severity of the offense, the defendant’s criminal history, and whether the defendant is deemed a flight risk.

Difference between Secured Bail and Unsecured Bail Bonds

If you are waiting for your trial in jail, the court may release you on bail. But first, they need to know that you will appear for all your court dates and go through the trial process. They also need to determine if you are guilty or innocent, as well as what punishment is appropriate if found guilty.

If you take out a secured bail bond, you’re stuck with the loss of collateral if you flee or don’t show up for court appearances. With secured bail you have real skin in the game.

With unsecured bail, you don’t put up any money or collateral upfront. You will be released on your word and promise to show back up in court. This doesn’t mean there’s no risk to you for not showing up. You will be on the hook for the full bail amount if you decide not to follow your word.

Similarities between secured and unsecured bail

Secured and unsecured bail bonds are both connected to your court pending trial release choices. 

These two also have a significant role in courtroom appearances. You will face ramifications if you fail.

Who Qualifies for Unsecured Bail?

There are a few key qualifiers typically necessary in order to obtain an unsecured bail bond.

The first is typically a requirement that the applicant has resided in the area for a significant amount of time – this helps to show that they have ties to the community and are likely to return for their court date.

Secondly, having good credit is often necessary in order to be approved for this type of bond. This is because those with good credit are seen as less of a risk for flight, as they have more to lose by not returning for their court date.

Finally, being charged with a less serious crime also contributes to one’s eligibility for an unsecured bail bond. This is because those who are accused of more serious crimes are typically seen as a greater flight risk, and are therefore more likely to be required to post collateral or a higher bail amount.

3 Percent Bail Bondsman in Raleigh

While most bail bondsmen charge 5-10% of the bail amount, some cities have 3% bail bondsman. The main advantage of using a 3% bail bondsman is that you only have to pay 3% of the bail amount upfront, as opposed to 5-10%.

In Raleigh, NC, Big Mike Bail Bonds offers 3 percent bail bonds to qualified individuals. If you are interested in a 3 percent bail bond, call Big Mike now to learn more.


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October 3, 2022