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Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. A small mistake can land you in the Johnston County Detention Center. If you or a loved one needs a bail bondsman in Benson, NC, Big Mike Bail Bonds experts are available all day, every day to help. When you or someone you know needs the best bail bonding company in Benson, North Carolina, call Big Mike Bail Bonds at 919-934-5656.  When you get a bail bond with Big Mike, you can expect unbeatable prices and the fastest service in the area. We know that these times can be stressful and difficult, and our expert bondsman in Benson will be there to explain the bond process to you and you will have a bail bondsmen to assist you through every step.

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About Benson, NC

Benson, North Carolina is your quintessential town in the U.S.A. Grounded in its history, mostly developing the railroad that connects Fayetteville to Contentnea and the entrepreneurs that created businesses in this new town, Benson keeps its history while advancing with the new technologies and developments.

The town is named after Alfred Monroe Benson, who purchased over 400 acres and initiated the development of current day Benson.

Located in Johnson County, Benson is home to over 3,500 residents. Big Mike’s Bail Bonds serves all of Johnson County and can be there for you or a loved one around the clock.

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Benson, NC Bail Bonds Resources

Johnston County Court House (Main)

207 E. Johnston Street Smithfield, NC 27577
(910) 209-5462

Johnston County Sheriff’s Office

120 S 3rd Street Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 989-5010

Johnston County Detention Center

127 S. 2nd Street Smithfield, NC 27577

24 hours a day
(919) 989-5040